Bio: janpens2illuminate.com is the work of Jannifer English McAdoo. Facebook forced me to become a blogger. My comments to the Facebook posts seemed too long in comparison with the comments made by most of my friends; so, I started blogging about social, cultural and political issues in July of 2011. I, initially, blogged under the username janpens.wordpress.com . Through a series of misadventures, I misplaced my password for my first blog. Creative genius that I am, I solved that problem by creating janpens2.wordpress.com on November, 2013. There are, considerable, gaps in my blogs because, although I am a retired librarian; I have a life, family, arthritis, e-books, a TV, church activities and a gym membership (not, necessarily, in that order). I am a graduate of Bennett College and UNC, Chapel Hill, NC. I helped integrate the schools in Orange County, North Carolina in 1965; thus, I am passionately concerned about race relations in this country. I welcome your comments.

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