VOTE 2020

Good news! Early voting starts in North Carolina tomorrow (10/15/2020).

If you don’t already have one, make a plan to vote, and follow through.

I hope you will consider the need for health care insurance during this pandemic. None of us will get the treatment that was available to the president of the United States. But, with all the taxes we pay in this country, everyone should get healthcare. None of us should have to pay for a COVID19 test or treatment. None of us should be forced into bankruptcy because of a major illness of a family member. None of us should be denied health insurance coverage because of a pre-existing condition.

People bled and died so that we all could vote — to exercise some control over our lives. Do not let anyone block your access to the polls. There must be something really special about this voting business, or people would not go to such extreme lengths to discourage us from voting. So, even if you have to act as if you are on an easter egg hunt looking for your polling place, be tenacious, be ornery—Vote!