My Take On Robert S. Mueller III’s Testimony Before Congress

In Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, July 24, 2019, former special counsel Robert Mueller answered questions from the House Judiciary Committee and the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence about the “Report On The Investigation Into Russian Interference In The 2016 Presidential Election.”

Mr. Mueller, previously, stated that everything he had to say was in the written report. During the hearings, Mueller worked really hard to force Congress and the public to look to “The Report,” just as one refers to The Bible for truth–knowing that “not a jot, not a stroke of the pen” will change.

During the hearing, it was clear that Mueller does not have what it takes to be a minister–no dramatic flair. But, he continued to say, “read the bible.” So, his message was clear, but his sermon was dry.

The pages are not numbered consecutively in the original Mueller Report. This might have accounted for Mr. Mueller’s apparent difficulty in answering questions by referring the questioner back to the report. In my opinion, when Congressmen/women asked wordy questions where they quoted the report and referred to pages and paragraphs, they were trying to make Mueller look incompetent. It worked with most people.

I recommend everyone get their own personal copy of the bible, i.e. “The Mueller Report,” official title: “Report On The Investigation Into Russian Interference In The 2016 Presidential Election.” I prefer my paper copy, “The Mueller Report Presented With Related Materials By The Washington Post.” The pages are numbered consecutively and the Volumes and Appendices are clearly indicated in the table of contents. The paper copy allows me to look up the facts at my leisure (I’m almost as old as Mueller; I might forget). Copies of the report are also available with commentary from Attorney Dershowitz. The paper copy costs about $9.00.

All in all, I offer my thanks and gratitude to Mr. Mueller and his team for continuing under difficult circumstances.

Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump in the first ever Commander-in-Chief Forum

On Wednesday night, September 8, 2016, NBC and the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America sponsored a televised Commander-in-Chief Forum.  This forum, hosted by NBC’s Matt Lauer, provided an opportunity for each candidate to appear presidential while showcasing his/her command of foreign policy and readiness to command our troops.  Lauer and veterans posed questions to the Republican and Democratic presidential candidates.

Even as Matt Lauer tried to handicap Clinton by questioning her, ad nauseam, about her emails; she came off as a much better presidential candidate in terms of knowledge of the issues to be faced as the Commander-in-Chief, experience and temperament than Donald Trump. HRC was unflappable. That’s why I’m with her.

Donald Trump bluffed his way through the forum as he trashed the generals and advisors around President Obama. Trump also offered an aside that intelligence experts who briefed him were unhappy because President Obama is not listening to them.  (I’m sure he only shared this piece of gossip with his closest friends, since he refuses to share his plans to defeat ISIS with the voters, lest some foreigners should get wind of it.) In other words, Trump did not appear to possess the knowledge, the discretion, nor the temperament to be a Commander-in-Chief who could make me feel safe.  Besides, who wants a president who plans to let his daughter run the country, while he and his Melania (an acceptable immigrant) entertain Vladimir Putin in the Rose Garden.

I am not an expert. I am not a pundit. I am just a voter and that’s just the way I saw it.

View the full Commander-In-Chief Forum here and you decide. Commander-In-Chief Forum