It’s 3 degrees in Marlton. Thank God for shelter, heat and water. I can’t seem to remember why I complained about the weather in August. 

My prayers go out to Americans who have no shelter from the weather, and whose lives are being cut short because of joblessness and loss of unemployment benefits that could have been used to pay rent. I’m reminded that all politics is personal. 
I so hope everyone will remember the names of those wise congressmen who refused to extend long term unemployment benefits because they feared it would discourage people from looking for work. That was / is their theory. That theory led them to break for Christmas without taking a vote to extend unemployment benefits.

As US Congressmen/women digest their Fruit Cake and prepare to contemplate which weighty issues might deserve a vote now, in this current “do nothing” Congress, the facts show that people are dying in this cold, Polar Vortex that has descended on much of the US. The facts show that Congress has, at least, succeeded in implementing a policy to purge dead wood from the unemployment roles. 

So, while I have shelter and heat, I also have anger. And, I pray that all people of good faith will take this personally and “do something” the next time the polls open. “Do something” — vote to give these callous congressmen/women freedom from labor so they will have time to eat more cake.

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