Montel: We need a ‘surge’ to stop veterans from dying waiting to see doctors


FOX31 Denver

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DENVER — Famed talk show host, and Marine veteran, Montel Williams says the Obama administration and the Defense Department must act urgently to clear the backlog of veterans waiting to see doctors at veteran’s hospitals.

Appearing on Good Day Colorado, Williams said he wants to see a surge in resources to help veterans.

“Four years ago in Afghanistan when we weren’t getting the job done, the President said ‘Please. Please. Please. Congress give me the money to surge.’ We spent $60 billion dollars sending troops over to Afghanistan,” Williams said. “Right now we need a surge to clear the back log of all of our veterans tomorrow.”

The Department of Veteran Affairs has admitted that veterans have waited for appointments for more than 30 days at VA hospitals and clinics. This week the VA said they are working to reduce the wait time.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel…

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