WE are #MichaelBrown


Yesterday, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon named former St. Louis police chief,  Daniel Isom II, Ph. D. to replace Missouri’s public safety director, Jerry Lee, on his cabinet. (http://m.wgem.com/w/main/story/119575064/)

Is this an effort to correct the failed policing policies employed in Ferguson, Mo. following the shooting of unarmed teenager #MichaelBrown.  Is it the act of an unrepentant politician, hedging his bets, just in case the Black residents of Ferguson should decide to vote in the next election?

Although it appears that Dr. Isom (professional vitae) is imminently qualified for the top law enforcement position in Missouri , he is the only Black man currently on Governor Nixon’s cabinet.   Is Governor Nixon’s action  designed to placate the Black community of Ferguson, where a native son (#handsupdontshoot) was killed? Is this action designed to change the story line of the reporters who were hassled and arrested while trying to do their job? Is this Governor Nixon’s way of saying “my hands are clean” to the Federal investigators who are looking into the actions surrounding the killing of #MichaelBrown and to the Amnesty International Delegation who arrived on U.S. soil, for the first time ever, to monitor police interactions with the people whom they were charged to protect and serve?

If any of the scenarios above reflect Governor Nixon’s motivation for appointing Dr. Isom as the top law enforcement officer of Missouri, it is not enough. To paraphrase the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr, we can never be satisfied as long as we are the victims of the unspeakable horrors of police brutality.

We are #MichaelBrown. We are unarmed. We cry out for  #JusticeForMikeBrown (Click).

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