Help Me Pay It Forward


In 1970, I graduated from Bennett College For Women. Bennett College encouraged me to explore, grow and spread my wings.  It served as a solid foundation that enabled me to earn a Professional Degree from The University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill in 1973 and to enjoy a fulfilling  career as a librarian, dedicated to expanding the knowledge-base of people of all races, faiths, professions and beliefs.

Now, forty-five (45) years later, I need your help to ensure that Bennett College can continue to send other young women forward to make a difference in the world.

What the world needs now is educated women (and men) who know who they are and who will work for the good of all humanity. Bennett has a history of producing just such graduates. Please give so that Bennett College for Women can continue  to achieve its mission of educating compassionate, committed women of excellence.

I am requesting donations in multiples of 45 to commemorate my 45th anniversary.

Please give:

–$4.50   –$45.00   –$450.00   –$4500.00

–Other ($           )

Please know that all contributions will be greatly appreciated.

contributions may be sent directly to:

Bennett College, Office of Alumnae Affairs, 900 E. Washington Street, Greensboro, N.C. 27401. Please put my name in the memo section of your check.             

Donations may also be made directly from


Thank you. 

Jannifer English McAdoo

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