No “Thugs” Here

A “teachable” moment: The article below is a classic example of how you report on a violent interaction between suspects and police to minimize getting the facts wrong and to minimize the likelihood of lawsuits ensuing from citizens who understand their legal rights, have the means to hire lawyers to fight for their rights, who have shoved their middle finger in the face of law enforcement, and who pose an ongoing threat to society, in general, and the rule of law, in particular.  And, who, by the way, just happen to have all manner of concealed and “open-carry” weapons.

        To read  the “teachable moment ” article, click  Waco Melee.

Note the restraint of the writer. At no time in the article does the author suggest that the gang members in the “Waco Melee” threatened the police or that any officer “feared for his life.”  The “Waco Melee” was just an unfortunate incident, whereby many innocent, law-abiding citizens were in the wrong place when violence erupted between a few biker outliers — no “thugs” here. The police came and, since there were no un-armed kids or toy guns in sight, they restored order.

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